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Deterministic LLM outputs for AI Engineers

We can help you with:

  • Context sanitization
  • Metadata indexing
  • Data preparation
  • Knowledge extraction
  • Data enrichment

How we can help

Knowledge extractionOur experience with AI-powered data processing improves the quality and structure of your data by organizing data points in a similar way human brain does.
AutomationWe can save you time and remove manual data processing tasks. We know how to automate metadata indexing and data preparation steps.
IntegrationWe have experience with traditional data warehousing and we also implemented some of the latest research in data categorization to production systems.

How knowledge extraction with keepi.ai works

Hey bud, my address is Calle de Bruc 80, Barcelona. See you soon!
According to my last memory, David lives in Barcelona in Calle del Bruc 80.
What is the address of my friend David?
6 months ago you visited your friend David in Spain and at that time David sent you a message with his address.You forwarded the message to Cognee and forgot about it.The message is decomposed into a set of semantic nodes and edges, representing entities and relationships.Entities and relationships are stored in graph and vector databases with relevant metadata for that user.When the user queries the information, Cognee uses AI to navigate the knowledge, extract relevant bits and structure the output.

What others say about us

With Cognee, we could offer Keepi’s user base save and retrieve knowledge capabilities without needing to fine tune or mess with our vector database setup. It was just plug and play. We saw an improvement in accuracy and speed of retrievals.
Noam YasourNoam Yasour, keepi.ai
I have collaborated with the Cognee team on multiple AI initiatives, during which we developed and introduced innovative workflows and practices. These initiatives seamlessly integrate the top-notch data engineering efforts we undertake at DLT with cutting-edge advancements in the Large Language Model (LLM) domain.
Matthaus KrzykowskiMatthaus Krzykowski, dltHub CEO
Guys helped me to build a custom knowledge base of building codes and regulations that I just had to upload and it all worked. I could easily query the knowledge and update it with new regulations. This has significantly streamlined my workflow and decision-making process.
Marko LazićMarko Lazić, Architect

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