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How knowledge extraction with Cognee works

Roman concrete used a type of lime mortar that has been found to have self-healing properties.
Romans invented a self-healing concrete, also known as Roman concrete.
Who invented a self-healing concrete?
Example: You take notes in a history class.After the class you upload your notes to Cognee.Your notes are decomposed into a set of nodes and connections, representing extracted information.Information is appended to the existing knowledge graph, maintaining the connections with relevant nodes.When you query the information, Cognee navigates the knowledge, extracts relevant bits and structures the output.

keepi.ai integrates Cognee because it's plug and play

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With Cognee, we could offer Keepi’s user base save and retrieve knowledge capabilities without needing to fine tune or mess with our vector database setup. It was just plug and play. We saw an improvement in accuracy and speed of retrievals.
Noam YasourNoam Yasour, keepi.ai

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